About Us

Commerce in Action was established to elect government officials who value and support economic freedoms for business as well as individuals.

CIA is governed by an independent Board of Directors and is a non profit organization. However contributions are not tax deductible.


The business is, in effect, a sum of all the individuals involved.

Overregulation and over taxation are truly serious inhibitors to the prosperity which we once had in America.

If a business does not operate efficiently and profitably, the people that work in the business will endure the same fate.

Protection of the totality of environment, safety, and basic human rights are as important to any business’ success as to any individual.

Businesses (by nature of the beast) are rarely started to serve some “greater good” but rather to serve the aspirations of the person starting the business. Any greater good served is a by-product or fringe benefit to others as a result of this individual effort. There are no legitimate constraints to any capable individual to start their own business, or to work well in most businesses other than the limitation we create for ourselves. (We the people should keep it that way by restraining the government from increasingly imposing limits.)


We attempt to delineate principles, define issues, and pursue representative change to establish a climate for all to prosper.

We seek support from individuals and business that are either not involved, or are unhappy with the conduits in place for general and issue specific representation or political party affiliation that is unresponsive in any meaningful sense.

There is much lacking with the many general organizations and industry specific cheerleading entities available or more widely known to business today. We hope to narrowly focus on principles and legislative restraints that will allow the businesses that are perceived at large as beneficial or neutral rather than the more represented and larger business interests that have a more sophisticated representation structure. These generally have higher probabilities of achieving specific benefit for the group that may often be at the expense of others or of founding and sustainable principles.

We believe that business in general, and small businesses in particular, have a responsibility that will be manifested and correspondingly rewarded by the general population when they operate freely and adhere to our nation’s common principles.

We further believe that those who do not operate in a fair manner will be equally encumbered by the population in the form of unsustainable customer relationships.


“To elect public officials who support conservative government policies that will create a better life for all Arkansas citizens.”


Knowledge is Power!